ZAL Innovation Talk – MRO 5 years from now

On August 19th, ZAL hosted the first event of the new “ZAL Innovation Talk” series: An interview with Dr. Johannes Bussmann, Chairman of the Board Lufthansa Technik, and Roland Gerhards, CEO at ZAL.

Counting almost 100 participants, the kickoff turned out to be a full success. Led by Lukas Kaestner from Hamburg Aviation, Dr. Bussmann and Mr. Gerhards held an in-depth discussion about the development of MRO in aviation. Starting with the current situation and the effects of the COVID-19-crisis, the conversation went on to future developments and the steps to be taken on the way to recovery. “How could the road to recovery look like for MRO? What are the key issues to focus on? And what role can and should Hamburg play in designing the future of aviation?” These and other issues were addressed by the interview partners. Numerous other questions were also posed by the audience, thus leading to a lively exchange.