ZAL Center of Applied Aeronautical Research

ZAL is the technological research and development network of the civil aviation industry in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. It functions as an interface between academic & research institutions, the aviation sector, and the City of Hamburg, aimed at securing and continually expanding the world’s third-largest civil aviation site, following the motto: Future. Created in Hamburg.

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News and Events

Successful demonstration of drone transport solution for medical samples

Today in Hamburg, the joint research project Medifly, funded by the German Federal Ministry for Transportation and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI), successfully demonstrated the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) for acute transportation of medical samples. A total of six drone flights were conducted between the German Armed Forces Hospital in Wandsbek-Gartenstadt and Saint Mary’s Hospital in Hohenfelde, roughly five kilometers (linear distance) apart from each other. The insight gained from today’s flights will lay the foundation for extended test operations over several months.


XCreation – Can aviation learn from gamification?

A ZAL event of a different kind: The events of the "X meets" series are already known. On December 3rd, we introduced XCreation, a small modification of the event format. With success: About 30 interested people successfully dealt with the application potential of gamification in aviation.


Safer is better – ZAL has the best working conditions for aviation research

Protection and safety are mandatory – and since October 4, it has been official: ZAL has been honored with the award for exemplary health protection and occupational safety. The Hamburg Office for Occupational Safety formally handed over the certificate on December 2 to the CEO of ZAL GmbH, Roland Gerhards, as well as the Director of Property Management, André Kohlhoff.



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