Behind the Scenes: Open Tech Lab at ZAL

From AI to Hydrogen: Last week, ZAL GmbH opened its laboratory doors to provide insights into current aviation research. The event was well attended and attracted numerous aviation enthusiasts.

Visitors were particularly excited about the hydrogen drone exhibition in the VR lab. There, they could admire the Wingcopter, which took off with gaseous hydrogen as early as November 2023, as well as the LiquiDrone, which will be powered by liquid hydrogen in the future.

In the “digital cabin” area, visitors experienced how AI can be used to recognize individuals and objects. This technology offers a wide range of applications, including emergency passenger counting and locating forgotten items. Just a few steps away, a 3D printing robot was in action, providing visitors with fascinating insights into modern manufacturing processes. Another highlight was the acoustics area, where visitors entered the acoustic chamber to learn how noise enters the cabin.

The event generated great interest, and our engineers were available to answer numerous questions. Many visitors were excited to peek behind the scenes and learn more about ZAL GmbH’s research work.

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