ZAL Discourse: “Hydrogen Takes Off”

How can drones be certified? What business models offer new opportunities for drone operators? And how can UAVs be used to test new technologies with minimal risk? These and other questions were the focus of the ZAL event “Hydrogen Takes Off”.

Holger Kuhn, hydrogen expert at ZAL GmbH, highlighted the benefits of hydrogen-powered drones, such as longer flight times, short refueling times, and higher payloads. Nicole Ostrau, development engineer at Teccon GmbH, explained the possibilities of drone certification. Dr. Ing. Gunnar Haase, Protospace Leader at Airbus Operations, spoke about the use of UAVs and scaled flight tests to break old paradigms and achieve technological leaps. A highlight was the accompanying exhibition where visitors could inspect various drone models that have already successfully flown with hydrogen.

The ZAL event offered participants the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in hydrogen drones and to engage with industry experts.

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