Preparation for takeoff

Something is happening on the ZAL site: right where the ZAL TechCenter extension is to be built, there are currently big vehicles at work.
“No, we’re not starting the extension until next year,” says Roland Gerhards, CEO ZAL. “What is taking place here is preparation work – a soil investigation. Boreholes drilled to a depth of up to 32 meters provide information about the bearing capacity of the soil, the water table, and any contamination.”

While the drills sink into the ground on the ZAL site, the planning for further realization is in full swing. The ZAL expansion will take place in two stages: an extension to the existing ZAL TechCenter and a new building with a multi-storey car park on the opposite side of the road. Until the start of construction in autumn 2021, alternative parking spaces have to be prepared, building permits obtained and tenders for the construction work completed. Gerhards expects the extension to be completed in early/mid-2023.

The newly created areas will enable even more partners from science and industry to conduct applied aeronautical research under one roof. The Hamburg government considers this an important strengthening of the aviation location. For this reason, the ZAL expansion is also part of the coalition agreement between the two government partners, SPD and the Greens. In the end, up to 20,000 square meters are to be created. The new areas will be dedicated to topics such as green aviation, aviation start-ups, and innovation services for partners. These are topics that are already well underway but are to be pursued further in the future.