ZAL Innovation Accelerator – Go Fast For Innovation

There are many ideas for new projects. But when is it worth investing time and money? The good must be put in the dish, the bad you may eat if you wish. Our specialists Dr. Matthias Bonk and Niels Hennemann, together with experts, sort the wheat from the chaff – using sound and proven methods. Because 80% of project success depends on the right project selection! They go with companies step by step, from idea generation to the finished prototype!

Do you want to become more innovative?

How do you develop new business areas with low risk? With know-how, the ZAL Innovation Accelerator team supports SMEs and OEMs as a neutral partner to develop ideas and select the right ones. After all, a good idea does not make a product in demand. The team accompanies the entire innovation process all the way to the prototype.

With technical expertise and the right tools and methods, they work with partners and potential customers to examine project ideas for their technical feasibility and industrial relevance. The ZAL TechCenter is an excellent environment for this: technical expertise combined with the appropriate infrastructures allow ideas to fall on fertile ground. The industrial and academic network also contributes to projects bearing fruit as soon as possible.

Fail Fast is part of our DNA

For quality control, the project idea must pass through the so-called quality gates. That allows us to see quickly if it can meet the diverse requirements of the aviation industry. It reduces risks enormously because you can tell at an early stage if a product is capable of being successfully industrialized or launched on the market.

But how does this work?

The ZAL experts support companies in an advisory capacity and as moderators. By using methodical tools, they ensure the selection of suitable partners for the project. Step by step and individually, they check the technologies together in assembled expert teams. They help to build an agile environment and work across disciplinary boundaries: because synergies are necessary to create innovations quickly and successfully.

Do you have questions? We are looking forward hearing from you!

Dr. Matthias Bonk
Manager Innovation
+49 40 248 595 114

Niels Hennemann
Manager Innovation
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