Project ANKA, the Autonomous Sustainable Cabin

The LuFo 6.1 research project ANKA, short for the autonomous sustainable cabin, was launched in October 2020. On this project, ZAL GmbH is working closely with the interior noise department of Airbus. The goal is to develop new measurement and simulation methods for the quiet cabin. In doing so, we simulate and test the performance of new advanced materials to reduce noise and vibration in the aircraft cabin.

The idea is to develop and test vibroacoustic measurement and simulation approaches at the material, component, and demonstrator levels in individual stages. With this approach, we help reduce the number of flight tests usually required to assess the real potential of new technologies to increase cabin comfort. These numerical and measurement approaches are extremely beneficial for future aircraft design. This is because we can apply them directly to the material and component level to reduce disturbing vibrations and cabin noise. And we can do this at a very early stage in the development of an aircraft.

In the ANKA project, experts are working on integrated solutions for cabin components that will make the aviation of the future more comfortable and thus meet the needs of passengers. With ANKA, we aim to contribute to more environmentally friendly aviation. To this end, the ANKA team is optimizing cabin design and creating simulation and measurement methods for the green aviation of tomorrow.