ZAL Innovation Talk – Hydrogen in Aviation and Maritime 5 Years From Now

What role will hydrogen play in aviation and shipping in the next five years? And how will Hamburg’s hydrogen infrastructure change? These were the central questions discussed at the ZAL Innovation Talk on February 22nd, where Roland Gerhards, CEO of ZAL, and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Carlos Jahn from the Fraunhofer Institute for Maritime Logistics talked about the latest developments in this field.

In the next years, the German government is putting up to EUR 70 million towards a hydrogen center for aviation and shipping, distributed between Hamburg, Bremen/Bremerhaven and Stade, called ITZ Nord. ITZ Nord is part of Germany’s ‘National Hydrogen Strategy’ and will essentially be a new type of research and test environment, helping with developing standards and shaping new services for hydrogen suppliers, manufacturers, and researchers. In the initiative, ZAL will oversee the aviation-related work.

The ZAL Innovation Talk shed light on the questions of where the synergies for aviation and shipping are and what challenges could lie ahead.

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