ZAL Research Infrastructure

As a research platform for civil aviation, technical infrastructure is an important element of ZAL. The infrastructure supports our partners in their efforts to develop technologies or to test their system integration. All infrastructure belongs to ZAL and can be rented over different periods of time. The idea is that joint use creates synergies from which all partners benefit equally.

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Acoustics Lab

Traveling quietly – the ZAL Acoustics Lab allows the testing of new acoustic cabin concepts with the unique Acoustics Flight Lab Demonstrator. Aircraft fuselages of every size up to the A350 fit into the semi-anechoic chamber of the laboratory.

Application Focus

  • Vibro-acoustic investigation for low-noise aircraft cabins
  • New passive and active noise reduction
  • Verification and improvement of numerical and analytical models

Technical Data

  • Large semi-anechoic chamber (d x w x h: 22.72 m x 11.92 m x 8.71 m) for determination of sound power and levels according to ISO 3745 (accuracy class 1)
  • Meets acoustic requirements according to ISO 26101 up to a track length of 6.90 m above 80 Hz
  • Large door with dimensions of 6.85 m x 7.90 m (W x H), suitable for A320, A340 and A350 fuselage segments

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Fuel Cell Lab

Towards emission-free flight: the ZAL Fuel Cell Lab aims at accelerating the technological maturity of fuel cell systems. We focus on research opportunities for the safe civilian use of hydrogen. In fact, electrical systems powered by fuel cells present an efficient and more environmentally friendly possibility to ensure the electrical power supply of today’s and tomorrow’s aircraft and thereby reducing emissions. Before this backdrop, the Fuel Cell Lab occupies a special position compared to other research areas at ZAL. It is the only research area that does not focus exclusively on aerospace, but is open to partners from other industries, such as the automotive and shipping industries.

Cabin & Cargo Test Rig

Test the entire aircraft: if you want to experiment with the latest developments in aircraft cabin and cargo, then our Cabin & Cargo Test Rig is right for you. The ten-meter-high cabin and cargo test rig offers more than 200 square meters of space for conducting experiments and testing and researching new cabin technologies. The facility is also ideal for working with fuselage segments of aircraft from the A320 to the A380.

Application Focus

  • Demonstration of new cabin concepts
  • Experimenting with new manufacturing processes
  • Testing new loading space concepts

Technical Data

  • For fuselage segments up to 15 m length and 7.8 m width (A380)
  • Integrated crane systems for fast replacement of fuselage segments

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AI Aviation Lab

The AI Aviation Lab is an interactive experimental space for the development of AI prototypes. Experts and interested parties alike benefit from the laboratory equipment and the expertise of the Research & Technology team. We open up the potentials of new robotic and computer vision technologies for aviation.

The basic equipment includes a powerful GPU server, a UR10e robot with three-finger gripper, as well as a selection of different sensors (high-speed cameras, depth cameras, lidar, microphone). An 86″ touch screen and a virtual reality screen for 2D and 3D applications complement the AI equipment. The Lab can be used as a workshop room, for the development of tools and solutions, or as a showroom boasting interactive presentation options.


  • Focused development of ideas with the help of creative tools
  • Fast concept validation by combining different technologies in one place
  • Simple generation of training data with the help of the latest sensors
  • Fast training of deep neural networks thanks to a powerful GPU cluster
  • Rapid prototyping of robotic solutions using a robotic arm from Universal Robots
  • User-friendly integration of robotics, sensor technology, and AI thanks to ready-made software modules
  • Comprehensible presentation of the results through various visualization options
  • Fast project implementation through the support of our experts

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ZAL Makers’ Space

Craftsmanship and building, together or alone. The ZAL Makers’ Space is a special place. Containing small and large equipment tools, it is the birthplace of prototypes and demonstrators alike. In addition, the ZAL Makers’ Space is the point of contact for all possible practical questions that the ZAL partners might have. Support ranges from consulting and tool rental to commissioning the workshop team, handling topics such as:

  • Assembly and conversion cupport
  • Prototype and jig construction
  • Wood and model-making
  • Processing of fiber-Composite materials
  • Metalworking
  • Plant engineering
  • Calibration of measuring instruments and tools
  • Transport and logistics

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