ZAL Innovation Day 2022: Making Change Happen

On November 10th, Airbus, Boeing, H3 Dynamics, Loganair Limited, and Lufthansa Group CleanTech Hub discussed how to navigate through turbulent times. In just one afternoon, aviation players gained insights that enabled them to switch from passively reacting to external circumstances to actively shaping their aviation business.

Hamburg is Boarding: A look behind the scenes at ZAL

In the first edition of the Hamburg Aviation magazine "Hamburg is boarding", Hamburg 1 visits the ZAL TechCenter. Moderated by Hamburg Aviation, the viewer gets an insight behind the scenes of ZAL and reports on current research topics of ZAL GmbH, DLR and the Sustainable Aero Lab.

Hamburg is boarding.

What makes Hamburg Hamburg? This has always been a place for setting of on journeys - by air, too, from the earliest days of commercial flight. In 2020, for many, it was a matter of rethinking, breaking new ground and above all: not standing still. Hamburg would not be the world's third-largest aviation site if it were to rest on its laurels. Long before COVID, the location has already begun to set out on its own path. The topics of sustainability, digitalization and urban air mobility have been identified as relevant future fields and are well on their way. Get ready for 2021: Hamburg is boarding.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's ZALbatros!

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's ZALbatros! The hydrogen-powered drone of ZAL GmbH, ZALbatros, completed its test flight. The hexacopter serves as a development platform for new technologies. It carries up to 2 kg, e.g. cameras or sensors. Since it can stay in the air much longer, it outperforms by far battery-powered drones of the same size and power.

Medifly Hamburg

Can you imagine Drones in service for health? The Medifly project makes it possible! In Hamburg, a UAV flew from the Bundeswehr hospital to the Marienkrankenhaus on 5 February 2020. The cooperation project between ZAL GmbH, FlyNex, GLVI, and Lufthansa Technik tested whether the tissue transit during an operation is faster, easier, more reliable and safer than by taxi or ambulance.

ZAL Innovation Days 2019

The central theme of the ZAL Innovation Days 2019 was how robotics and automation are changing aviation. Industry leaders such as Kuka, Festo, DFKI and Siemens spoke about the potential of artificial intelligence, robotics, and autonomous systems.

This is us

Our ZAL Research & Technology team needs no introduction, it introduces itself. Every day, we work at the intersection of complementing topics and technologies, e.g. additive manufacturing for a fuel cell or artificial intelligence on a mobile platform. We aim at creating innovations for aviation.

One of 40,000 in the Hamburg Aviation Network:

Roland Gerhards from ZAL speaks about aviation as a private and professional passion.

ZAL TechCenter

The ZAL TechCenter is a research platform at the Hamburg aircraft cabin hub. No matter where in the world you board an aircraft, there is a good chance that your cabin will come from our home. Our home is the Hamburg Metropolitan Region: the leading region for aircraft cabins.

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