ZAL Innovation Talk – Passenger Experience 5 Years From Now

Inflight products have been a field of much discussion for many years. From luxurious A380 First Class suites to the “pay-per-pee” idea of a CEO from that renowned European low-cost carrier – the range could not be wider.

Then, with the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic, the passenger experience segment took a spin into yet another whole new dimension. Or did it really?
How much of the current era will still be visible in the aircraft cabin 5 Years from Now, and which trends from before 2020 will still sustain? Has Covid killed the business class, or will it revitalize it? These questions  John Walton, one of the world’s most renowned trade journalists in the field of aircraft interiors and on-board products, and Roland Gerhards, CEO of ZAL, discussed on August 17, 2021, in the digital ZAL Innovation Talk. As usual, moderated by Lukas Kaestner from Hamburg Aviation.