Tackling the challenges of post-covid today…

…that is the credo at the ZAL TechCenter, where a new robot is being set up these days. Although automation and digitalization were already trendsetting before the crisis, they were further accelerated when the pandemic hit and have since heralded a digital transformation at many companies. Aviation, which was hit particularly hard by the crisis, is not exempt from this.

Accordingly, the new robot at ZAL is designed to optimize digitalization in aircraft manufacturing. The large actuator pursues the increase of performance and efficiency. From now on, the robot will be used in the hangar of ZAL TechCenter to test the optimization of future manufacturing processes.  The robot supports the assembly of large aircraft components made of lightweight materials, for example. The “new arm” can grip up to 10 tons.  Large components can thus be positioned and corrected with high precision in terms of shape and position. The demonstrator thus makes an important contribution to the precise and reliable development of future manufacturing processes. Digital integration and networked control in conjunction with new measurement technology also enable reliably consistent quality at the same time reducing costs.

The “Eco Positioner” was supplied by Broetje-Automation from Rastede. Broetje-Automation is one of the active research partners in the current project, which is being carried out at the ZAL TechCenter.