Sustainability vs. pandemic measures in aviation – How to combine the need for hygiene and sustainability

Health protection at the expense of the environment? Many hygiene measures are too short-sighted, such as free seats between passengers or one-way masks. So how do we reconcile hygiene and sustainability?

Although the aviation industry is currently struggling with other challenges due to the COVID-19-crisis, sustainability remains an important factor – for the environment, of course, but also to stay fit for the future. Sustainability and Green Flying were therefore the focus of our last workshop.

A first overview of this important topic was given by Dr. Kay Kochan, Head of Cabin & Systems at ZAL GmbH. The subsequent exchange revolved around the question: How is COVID-19 negatively affecting sustainability processes in flight operations – and more importantly, how do we deal with it? A workshop with interesting discussions and approaches to finding new solutions!

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