Girls’ Day 2022 – Future female engineers on the move!

On April 28, ZAL and proTechnicale invited to Girls’ Day 2022, the girls’ future day. The 20 participants learned about ZAL and the STEM gap year for female high school graduates offered by proTechnicale. With Johann Christensen, our ZAL AI expert, the pupils playfully encountered AI and were allowed to experiment with software themselves at the end. Together with the project manager of proTechnicale, Friederike Fechner, the girls explored the research center and got to know the halls and infrastructures. During the practical part, proTechnicale participant Carolin presented the laws of aerodynamics, which the girls were allowed to apply immediately to their self-made paper airplanes. Which paper airplane flies the furthest was then tested in front of the ZAL TechCenter. Afterward, Mara Fuchs, research associate at the DLR Institute of System Architectures in Aeronautics and Astronautics, presented her career as an engineer and answered the participants’ questions. We are already looking forward to next time!