FUTURED – The New ZAL Magazine

The new ZAL Magazine, FUTURED, provides information on current topics and trends from ZAL TechCenter. For the first time, we report across partners on research projects being conducted at ZAL. A diverse mix of contributions from Airbus, DLR, Diehl, Siemens, HAW Hamburg, and many others offer insights into topics such as AI & Digitalization, Cabin, or Hydrogen & Sustainability.

Additionally, industry insiders provide outlooks and insights that provoke thought. In the section titled “Bigger, Better, Visionary” you discover the benefits that the ZAL building expansions offer current, as well as, future researchers and startups.

By the way, the new FUTURED Magazine can also be enjoyed digitally, for example, on your smartphone: visually and, in many parts, even audio-enriched, with plenty of digital supplementary content.


PS: We’re curious! Do you like the new magazine? And would you like to present your ZAL project in the next FUTURED? Tell us: