Digital TechWalk – Research made at Hamburg’s ZAL!

On November 24, ZAL TechCenter hosted the virtual ‘TechWalk’-event for the very first time. One by one the experts presented three projects that are currently being researched at ZAL. Meanwhile, the moderator moved through the building to the places of demonstration and interviewed them on their respective projects.

Leonid Lichtenstein and Felix Heinrich from ZAL GmbH were the first to present. During their session, the experts showed the audience around the ZAL AI Aviation Lab. They gave a demonstration of a prototype UR10e robot, which they programmed in the lab.

The event continued with the presentation of Sven Lammers from Dassault Systèmes: he showed a demonstrator from the DLR Institute for System Architectures in Aviation and the 3DEXPERIENCE Center of Dassault Systèmes. It explores some of today’s technologies as well as future ones, which will drive industrial change goals in aviation.

Synergeticon’s CEO Christoph Heß and his colleague Ozan Güngör concluded with an overview of their AI-powered vision system, which is being used for adherence to secure operating concepts in buildings. The system detects whether mouth and nose covers are being worn correctly and can detect increased body temperature.