Chicken Wings and KI – that was the ZAL Science Slam 2021

What do a dwarf poodle and chicken wings have in common with AI? How do you chase blue lights across the information superhighway? Is this “The Wind of Change” for aviation? Once again, we learned and, above all, laughed a lot at the ZAL Science Slam organized by ZAL GmbH and Hamburg Aviation. On November 4, six slammers competed against each other and presented their scientific topics with a large portion of humor. The speakers came from Airbus, Beagle Systems, and Thelsys GmbH, among others.

And who won? Oliver Lichtenstein, Co-Funder on Beagle Systems was voted the winner of the Science Slam by the audience, who attended virtually and on-site.
Congratulations and we are already looking forward to the next time!