Aviation in Times of COVID-19: Live-Interview with Prof. Rolf Henke

The name says it all: Not only the topics of FoLuHH´s latest event covered the effects of the COVID-19 crisis. While there´s no question it was well attended, the usual event venue “ZAL Auditorium” stayed empty on May 7th. Instead, more than 100 participants gathered to listen to an interview with two aviation experts virtually. 

In this live interview, Prof. Rolf Henke, Executive Board Member for Aeronautics Research and Technology at DLR, talked about his experiences and the impact COVID-19 is having on the aviation industry. What effects has the crisis had on the aviation industry so far, and what´s going to happen next? What contributions are being made by European institutions such as EASA and Clean Aviation? What impact does the current crisis have on issues such as sustainability, urban air mobility, or electrical flying? Prof Henke and his interviewer Roland Gerhards, CEO of ZAL GmbH, discussed those and other questions . While Mr. Gerhards led the interview, the audience got a chance to engage as well: The talk was followed by a well-used question & answer session.