ZAL Innovation Talk – Robotics in Aviation – 5 years from now

Compared to industries like automotive, the manufacturing process in aviation can almost feel artisan at times. Yet technical innovations, changing demography, and demand-driven
ramp-up roadmaps have started to shake things up.
What does this mean for the future of aerospace production? Which projects and developments are raising the attention on hall floors like ZAL’s and elsewhere that could find their way into the design process, production lines, and aviation operations five years from now?
Join us on May 24 at 3pm on the online platform ZOOM for an exciting discussion on the advancements in technology that will shape the aviation industry in the years to come. In this upcoming ZAL Innovation Talk, our experts will explore the latest developments in robotics and automation, from autonomous drones to collaborative robots. If the
intersection of high-tech and aviation is where you like to be, this event is for you. The virtual session will again feature ZAL’s CEO, Roland Gerhards, and Günther Battenberg – Managing Director of Battenberg ROBOTIC GmbH & Co. KG.
When? Wednesday, 24. May, 3:00 pm
Where? Online via Zoom
Language? English

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