ZAL Innovation Talk – Aerospace Startups 5 Years From Now

An Interview with Stephan Uhrenbacher, Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, and Founder of the Sustainable Aero Lab, and Roland Gerhards, CEO at ZAL.

Aviation is known to be a particularly chilly environment for startups and entrepreneurs. Complex certification processes and heavy financial commitments for R&D are some of the reasons we see fewer founders in aerospace than in other industries. But before the pandemic, we did see more and more aviation startups sprout. Will Covid turn out to be their game-changer for the good or the bad? Also, what role could startups play in achieving the industry’s goal of zero-emission flying? And looking at the transformation of automotive in the past 10 years: will the aviation industry have their own Tesla moment, with a new kid in town disrupting the market?

In the first ZAL Innovation Talk of 2021, we will not only discuss such meta-questions but go down to specifics as well. Joining us for the session is Stephan Uhrenbacher, a renowned serial entrepreneur and investor. He is currently starting up the Sustainable Aero Lab, based in Hamburg. Furthermore, ZAL’s CEO Roland Gerhards will share some of the experience startup companies at ZAL have had so far and give a preview of ZAL’s future expansion plans, where the startup ecosystem will play a significant role.

When:       Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021, 15:30–16:30 o’clock
Where:      Webinar @ClickMeeting

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