ZAL Innovation Talk ‘Aerospace Propulsion – 5 Years from Now’

In the final ZAL Innovation Talk of 2021, we will look at one of the key questions when it comes to the future of aerospace. We will sort a bit of the chatter around new and sustainable aviation technologies – be it hydrogen propulsion, all-electric or hybrid-electric flight, or even the next generation of current propulsion technologies. What could be the milestones to look out for in the next five years, and where are the challenges that could remain or even grow until the end of 2026?

For this discussion at the heart of aerospace, we have invited some of the world’s most prominent experts in the field. Joining us will be Bjorn Fehrm, the leading technical analyst at Leeham Co. and experienced test pilot, as well as Dr. Susan Ying, SVP of Global Operations at Californian electric flight startup Ampaire, who have been testing hybrid-electric regional operations in Scotland this summer. Susan is a former executive of NASA, Boeing and COMAC and, like Roland Gerhards and Bjorn Fehrm, of course, a pilot too.

When?                 Tuesday, December 9th, 3pm – 4pm CEST
Where?                Digital event @allseated
Language?          English

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