ZAL Innovation Day 2022 – Save the date!

Don’t miss out when futurists and leaders talk about the future of aviation!

Learn about the change that is already happening:

  • Glenn Llewellyn – Airbus, about the scope and significance of the Airbus Zero Emission Strategy
  • Brian Moran – Boeing, about global approaches to sustainable aviation and the development of new technologies
  • Erin Beilharz – Lufthansa Group CleanTech Hub, about the innovative power of startups, airlines, and science brought together
  • Andy Smith – Loganair, about sustainable aviation operations already taking place
  • Taras Wankewycz – H3 Dynamics, about hydrogen aviation starting small but starting now
  • Patrick Dixon – Global change Ltd, about the most common mistakes in forecasting the future

When? Thursday, November 10, 13:00–18:00 o’clock
Where? On-site at ZAL TechCenter & online
Language? English

Be there and get your free ticket now: https://zal-innovation-day-2022.eventbrite.de