ZAL Discourse Flying Green Tomorrow – The Importance of Hydrogen for future Aviation

Sustainability and hydrogen: those two terms can hardly be separated in aviation. Hydrogen is an essential element for achieving global and national climate protection targets. It is also the focus of Hamburg’s newly established hydrogen cluster structure. Following the theme away from fossil fuels and toward low-emission aircraft, Hamburg’s aviation stakeholders are working on new flight concepts and technology roadmaps. An important meeting place for this is the ZAL Center for Applied Aeronautical Research, because its infrastructure offers tenants and partners the perfect platform for research and exchange.

In this discourse, you will gain exclusive insights into the hydrogen activities at ZAL: In three exciting lectures, experts will reveal more about the previous and future strategies on the way to low-emission flying. After each presentation, you will get the chance to directly address the speakers with your questions.

When?                 Tuesday, May 18th, 15:00–16:45 o’clock
Where?               Digital-Event @ClickMeeting



15:00     Welcome & Introduction
– Holger Kuhn & Meike Herbst, ZAL GmbH

15:15     Aviation powered by Hydrogen – research activities and infrastructure of ZAL GmbH
Sebastian Altmann (ZAL GmbH), Senior Expert Fuel Cell Lab

Hydrogen, the promising fuel of the future, is receiving increasing attention in aviation. Before a commercial use is feasible though, there are still some questions to be answered. ZAL GmbH addresses some of these within several research projects: for example, by testing lightweight construction methods for hydrogen systems and by examining the aptitude of H2 storage technologies in different aircraft. In this Discourse, you will gain insights into our activities and findings to this day.

15:45     Hydrogen – A universal solution for Aviation?
Tanja Neuland (Airbus), Focal point Hydrogen Aircraft Technologies Cluster Germany            

How can hydrogen contribute to climate-neutral aviation? What are the potentials of using it as fuel, and what does this mean for the aviation industry in the long term? In her lecture, Tanja Neuland will discuss the current state of hydrogen-research at Airbus and lay out a roadmap of how hydrogen potentials can be exploited and optimized in the future.

16:15     Eliminating Climate Impact from Aviation – Potential pathways that are currently explored in DLR’s EXACT project
Dr. Johannes Hartmann, DLR Institute for System Architectures in Aeronautics & project leader of the concept study for eco-efficient flying

Green energy sources are the key for climate neutral air mobility. In order to identify sustainable solutions for a green air transportation system, the aviation sector has to go hand in hand with the energy sector. In EXACT, researches from 20 different institutes and capabilities from four DLR divisions (energy, aviation, space & transport) are contributing to the 4-year project EXACT. The aim is to identify aircraft concepts, enable technologies for climate neutral flight & define respective technology roadmaps.


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