Health in Aviation – a webinar by ZAL GmbH, Hamburg Aviation e.V., and Gesundheitswirtschaft Hamburg GmbH

Health, protection, distance, caution… Those are keywords no one is getting around these days. COVID-19 affects virtually every industry, with aviation being one of the probably most affected. Since we can´t change it at the time, we must try to learn as much as we can about the crisis – and about how to handle it best.

In this webinar, experts from two different industries will discuss the requirements arising from the crisis. Join in and get new insights on how to manage issues such as hygiene and disinfection in general, as well as how to adapt processes and tools for aviation!

When?  04th June 2020, 3pm
Where? Webinar @ ClickMeeting


Axel Großklaus, Computer scientist, CTO, and co-founder for UVENTIONS.

Helge Sachs, SVP “Product Innovation” at Diehl Aviation


15:00    Registration and Opening

15:10     Keynotes and Q&A

„Combining UV-C light disinfection and smart sensors for comprehensive hygiene management”
Axel Großklaus, UVENTIONS

“We will fly again! Preparing for the ‘new normal’, a real life beyond virtual meetings.”
Dr. Helge Sachs, Diehl Aviation

16:15     Closing

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