Occupational Safety & Health Protection

Rating for exemplary occupational health and safety

We are proud to be one of the officially awarded companies for exemplary occupational health and safety (award in the highest category, October 2019). Our occupational health and safety management system assures that each of our colleagues are provided with optimal daily working conditions.

The health and safety of our employees are of the upmost importance to us. Safe and healthy working conditions are key prerequisites for job satisfaction, motivation and high employee performance. This positively contributes to the success of our company.

Health and accident protection at the workplace are fundamental objectives of our company. We have coordinated company health management measures at our disposal. All managers and employees are obliged to comply at all times with the statutory regulations and company occupational health and safety requirements. This requires them to protect their own health and the health of other employees. Care is crucial to prevent accidents and work-related illnesses, as well as adverse effects on the company environment within all company activities.

Anyone who carelessly, deliberately or even unintentionally disregards these principles will be held responsible. This includes anything that impairs the health and performance of themselves, other employees and/or third parties. This would otherwise put a strain on the performance and reputation of the company among our customers and the public.

Occupational health and safety are common concerns of management and employees. Employee participation is critical for us in hazard assessments, the development of preventive measures and effectiveness checks. This is because our employees are especially familiar with the potential dangers and hazards in the working environment. All employees are urged to make suggestions for accident and damage prevention, as well as improvements to health care and health protection at the workplace. The company will carefully consider all suggestions.

Given this, all managers regard the health and safety of our employees to make for a high functioning work atmosphere. They contribute to additional employee development through focus on personal and professional skills. We learn from each other in a respectful and constructive manner with regard to our common goals. This takes our diverse working styles, skills, talents, decision-making processes, priorities, life experiences, habits, and social background into account.

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